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TestFlight Codes Apple – 15+ Invitation Codes 2021

Just like the open-source Android OS, you can download any beta app on an iOS device using TestFlight Codes. The TestFlight is an iOS App testing platform that lets you earn some bucks for testing some iOS beta applications.

You can redeem the TestFlight Codes by clicking on the link given online. I am going to share few popular beta app links that you might like to test on your Testflight app.

What is TestFlight App?

If you are an App Tester and can find bugs in iOS apps then Testflight provides you one platform; here you can test new beta apps and earn money online.

The developer generates one Testflight code that is shared among all App Testers and with that link you can download the beta app and test it on your iPhone device.

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How to use Testfligh Codes for Beta Apps and Games?

Here I have shared some Testflight beta App codes, by using them you can download the beta app on your iPhone and send the feedback report using the test flight app.

TestFlight Codes Beta App List 2021 for iOS:

Here you will find the name of the app and one Redeem button with that. You can redeem your Test Flight Code and open it with TestFlight App to test the beta app.

1. Google Chrome

2. Facebook Messanger

3. Snapchat App

4. Reddit App

5. Skype App

6. Discord App

7. WhatsApp

8. Spotify

9. YouTube

10. WhatsApp Business

11. Omlet Arcader

12. Buffer

13. Microsoft Word

14. Microsoft OneNote

15. Mobile Legends

Guide for Getting Started with Testflight Codes

To test any app beta version using the Testflight App you will have to accept an email invitation or use the Redeem Testflight Code Public Link (as shared above list) from the app developer.

There are two phases:

  • Download the Beta App/Game on your device using the invitation link
  • Test the Beta app and send the report to the developer.
Testing Beta App in Testflight using Invitation link

Also, You will have to have one device to test these beta apps and the list of supported devices is given below.

  • iOS apps: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8 or later. App Clips require iOS 14 or later. iMessage apps and sticker packs require iOS 10 or later.
  • tvOS apps: Apple TV running tvOS 9 or later.
  • watchOS apps: Apple Watch running watchOS 2 or later.

How to Download and Test Beta App using Testflight Codes?

  • First of all download Testflight App on your iPhone device and sig in
  • Then use the Redeem Code OR Public Invitation Link to download the beta app.
  • Now select open in Testfligh App and you will see the downloaded beta app in the Testflight app list
  • Open the Beta app from Testflight App and Start Testing. If it asks for the update then update the app first.
  • Collect the test report and send it to the App developer using your Testfligh App.

How to Generate Testflight Redeem Code/ Invitation Link?

If you are an iOS app developer and want to get your app tested before it gets published then you can use this Testflight app.

You can upload your app and generate one Testflight redeem code also known as the Public Invitation link that is used to download your beta app and get a test report using the Testflight app.

  • Log in to iOS App Store Connect
  • Then go to Groups and Create a new Beta Tester Group
  • Then add your beta app build in that group for testing purposes.
  • To Add this build go to Beta Tester Group and click on the “+build” option.
  • Now select the Beta App you want to add to the group and click OK
  • Then go back to Testflight Beta Tester Group Link Click on “Enable Publick LInk”
  • You can also manage the number of Beta Testers that can test your App using the group options.
Video Guide for Testflight Code Generation and Invite Testers

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