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Change File Type in Windows PC | Problem Solved

Not every time, but sometimes we input the Filename, and then the file type gets change. Here comes the issue where the File becomes unsupported.

The same thing happened with me when I was saving the Page print page as a PDF file but the name was ending with a .com name. And when I check that PDF file I didnot find any file.

Later I searched with the name and then I got to know the file type has been changed and the file was not supported to PDF.

How to Change File Type in Windows with Rename Feature?

Here comes the solution, just like how I used this trick to revoke my PDF File you can use this trick to get your .pdf, .mp4, .mp3, and any type of file you want.

Step 1: First open the Control panel and go to Apperiance and Personalization.

Step 2: Then go to File Explorer options.

Step 3: And then Under View TAB untik the option hide extensions for known file type.

Now Click Apply and OK and go to the file to Rename it. Just Rename the File Type with .pdf at the end if you want it in pdf format. If the file was video try the .mp4 extension in Rename and your file will be back.

Watch this video guide for more.

What If You dont fine the File Extension in the File?

If in case you still don’t see the file extension just go to the file location and in the folder options, above the search bar you will see one View TAB.

Under that view Tab – tik the File Name Extension.

I hope you find the solution over how to change the File Type in Windows by using the Rename feature.

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