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Repair Corrupted SD card or Pen Drive on PC

A really Basic Method by which you can Repair Corrupted SD Card/Pendrive is by Formating it in a FAT32 partition. But sometimes it is not enough and you need to do this.

Not every SD Card or Pendrive is fully damaged, sometimes you can repair a Corrupted SD Card or Repair Corrupted Pen Drive with the help of some PC Tools.

How To Repair Corrupted SD Card or Pen Drive?

Today I will share one method that will repair corrupted SD Card or Pendrive on PC with the help of Command Prompt and some commands.

If you are not familiar with it do not panic just follow each step as mentioned and I will also share one video from youtube where you will get some extra knowledge about using Command Prompt for Repairing your PD or SD Card.

Note: Not Every Curropted Pendrive or SD card can be recovered sometimes if the hardware is failed then you can not repair it with any tool.

Unable to Detect the Removable disk

Quick Steps to Repair Corrupted Pen Drive or SD Card:

Here is some quick step review for those who are familiar with the Command Prompt on PC. If you are not familiar with it just go for detailed Step by Step guide below.

Here I will consider your SD Card or Pen Drive as a Removable Device so don’t get confused if read it as a Removable device in the Steps.

Removable Disk not Opening
  • Insert your SD Card/Pen Drive anyone external drive only to your PC.
  • You will get one popup showing a Removable device is not supported click to format.
  • Try to follow that Procedure and check if it works or not.
Removable Disk not shwoing Size

Repair your PD or SD Card with Command Prompt:

Now if still Your Removable device is not repaired please follow these steps by using Command Prompt.

  • Keep Your Removable Device Inserted (SD Card/Pen Drive)
  • Open Command Prompt (open with Administration) by searching CMD in your PC search bar
  • Then First type diskpart and hit the enter button
  • Then Type List disk and again hit the enter button
Find Disk List in Your PC using list disk
  • Now you will see all disk partitions in your pc but you will also see one extra disk that is of 8/16/32/64GB size whatever your SD Card or PD was.
  • Now Select your Disk (in my case the removable disk is disk 1) so I will type Select disk 1 and hit enter.
Select the Removable Disk Pendrive or SD Card
  • Now it will show this message: Disk 1 has been selected.
  • Now type the clean command and hit enter. (try 2 to 3 times) This will clean all data on that disk.
Clean the Removable Disk by clean command
  • Now the disk is formatted and you can format the disk to make partitions.
  • Now type the create partition primary command and hit enter to create a partition in your selected disk
Create Primary Partition in the Removable Disk
  • Then Type the active command and hit enter to activate the partition.
Activate the Primary Partition
  • Now type the Select Partition 1 command and hit enter.
Select the Partition 1 to Format it
  • Now the final step Type the format fs=fat32 command and hit enter.
Format the Partition in FAT32

The final step will take some time and once it is completed you will see one popup to use the Removable device (SD Card or Pen Drive)

Your Curropted Pendrive is Ready to Use now

Get Detail Guide to Repair Your Corrupted SD Card or Pen Drive:

To get step by step live guide watch this video tutorial given below. In case you do not understand the steps and image guide above you can use this video.

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